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iLife A10 robot vacuum review: iLife’s first mapping bot can no longer procure out of its maintain draw

iLife A10 robot vacuum review: iLife’s first mapping bot can no longer procure out of its maintain draw

The laser navigation and cleansing customization beneficial properties tag promise, but this robot vac’s inconsistent efficiency and fussy app retain it from pleasant its attainable.

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I’ve had enormous experiences with outdated iLife robot vacuums, so I expected the introduction of laser navigation with the brand new A10 would create this one even better. But while the brand new vacuum does add some enormous new mapping and cleansing customization beneficial properties, its finicky efficiency makes it really feel more admire a work in progress than a subtle product.

The iLife A10 measures 12.99 x 12.6 x 3.74 inches, that additional peak attributable to the laser turret on top. It comes with a bristled curler brush preinstalled and a secondary rubber brush that’s better for grabbing pet hair and higher debris, plus two pairs of trot brushes, a charging dock and mat, a energy adapter, a ways-off retain a watch on, cleansing utility, and an additional high-efficiency filter.

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The vacuum sticks terminate to the composed attach by other producers with a brushed shadowy enact and a tempered glass top. A initiate/pause Auto desirable button is attach into the end in front of the laser turret, and there’s a energy switch on the aspect. The A10’s 0.6-liter dustbin, which has been specially designed to lower the likelihood of the filter getting blocked, inserts into the back.

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It’s most likely you’ll maybe attach auto enhance to desirable customized areas with heavy grime.

To construct the iLife A10, you snap the 2 aspect brushes onto the underside. Both the brushes and the studs are color-coded yellow and blue to make certain you procure the coolest placement. Next, popularity the mat below the charging dock, scuttle the dock in, and fix the iLife A10 on it to payment. It took about two hours to prevail in fats energy from empty in my tests; within the intervening time, that you just might perhaps accumulate the iLife Home app and follow the prompts to connect the vacuum to your Wi-Fi community.

It’s most likely you’ll maybe retain a watch on the iLife A10 with either the bodily a ways-off or the app. The benefit of the app is that you just might perhaps blueprint the structure of the blueprint to customize your cleansing. As soon as it’s finished, the blueprint is saved and also that you just might perhaps divide the structure into areas or rooms, create no-saunter and to-saunter zones, and add invisible partitions. It’s most likely you’ll maybe time desk diversified rooms to be cleaned at diversified times, and fix suction to automatically enhance when cleansing particular areas. The flexibility to attach more than one maps is big at the same time as you live in a multi-stage dwelling. It will attach you a obvious blueprint for every floor and fair clutch the supreme one each time you desirable.

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It’s most likely you’ll maybe customise maps by designating rooms, alongside with invisible partitions, and increasing no-saunter and to-saunter zones,

Unfortunately, the app proved too fussy to make exhaust of because the predominant controller. I needed to desirable my downstairs stage three times sooner than it saved a blueprint of the structure. At some level of cleansing jobs, it always appeared a step or two within the back of the vacuum, asserting that it used to be gathered cleansing when it had already returned to its charging dock or exhibiting a higher battery stage than the vacuum had. It also regularly lost connection to the iLife A10, requiring me to make exhaust of the a ways-off retain a watch on to pause cleansing or ship the vacuum dwelling to recharge.

The iLife A10’s three cleansing modes—Auto, Edge, and Living—would perhaps furthermore be selected from the app or the a ways-off. Auto gives entire-room cleansing in a zig-zag pattern, Edge cleans alongside partitions, and Living goes over areas of concentrated grime in a square pattern. It’s most likely you’ll maybe modify the suction stage to meet your wants the exhaust of a dedicated button on the a ways-off retain a watch on or by adjusting a slider within the app settings.

The vacuum did a tight job gathering grime and debris. The rubber curler used to be the certain winner for tackling pet hair, as it would perhaps maybe sweep it into the dustbin; hair simply obtained tangled within the bristles of the default curler brush. But getting total coverage of my downstairs used to be a consistent area. For no certain reason, there maintain been areas the iLife A10 fair didn’t saunter into, and that used to be reflected each within the grime left within the back of and within the connected blueprint, which looked admire a paint splatter quite than neatly delineated rooms. I attempted increasing new maps for subsequent cleansing jobs and incessantly obtained connected results.

Oddly, the iLife A10 had no area navigating obstacles admire chairs and desk legs but customarily obtained stuck in initiate blueprint. I’d customarily procure an alert within the app claiming there used to be a brush obstruction, but when I’d turn the vacuum over the comb used to make certain and prepared to roll freely. That made most cleanings prolonged and gradual, as I’d maintain to pause within glance to make certain the vacuum accomplished the job.

Total, I was dissatisfied and pissed off with the iLife A10’s efficiency. Robot vacuums are presupposed to create cleansing simpler, but for the full effort I needed to speculate in on this one to procure it to enact the job adequately, I’d maintain fair pulled out my stand-up vacuum and finished it myself. Completely, iLife can fix most of the complications I encountered with future utility updates. But there’s no must wait with so many effective cleaners in our procuring facts.

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  • The iLife A10 has some good mapping beneficial properties, but its inconsistent efficiency suggests it’s gathered a work in progress.


    • Cleans successfully (when it really works precisely)
    • Creates customizable maps
    • Navigates obstacles successfully


    • Most incessantly fails to cowl your entire room
    • Finicky app
    • Vaccum would randomly end cleansing for no certain reason

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