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Home Tech Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: All of Android for considerably less

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: All of Android for considerably less

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: All of Android for considerably less

You’re also getting a mighty better hide hide, Wi-Fi 6E, S Pen toughen, and come in extra RAM.

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Michael Simon/IDG

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The Galaxy S21 Ultra is a original form of impress proposition from Samsung. It’s no longer moral bigger than the lower-quit fashions with an even bigger camera, enjoy supreme year’s Ultra. You’re also getting a mighty better hide hide, Wi-Fi 6E, S Pen toughen, and come in extra RAM. Whether or no longer you want this stuff is peaceable up for debate, however while you choose them, the S21 Ultra is well price the upgrade from the S20 Ultra or the $200 step-up from the S21+.

s21 ultra screen Michael Simon/IDG

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has Samsung’s ideal expose ever.

That’s essentially since the Ultra’s top class impress comes at less of a top class this year. Where supreme year’s impress label set the S20 Ultra firmly in the easier quit of the stratosphere, the S21 Ultra begins at $1,199. You presumably can max it out with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage for $1,380, $20 no longer as a lot as both supreme year’s entry-level S20 Ultra and a fully loaded iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Update 3: 15 PM: The Galaxy S21 Ultra is $200 off at Amazon at present.

Even though it impress the the same because the S20 Ultra, the S21 Ultra would peaceable be regarded as one of the most appropriate phones ever made, presumably one price spending upward of $1,700 on. Nonetheless Samsung’s aggressive pricing makes the S21 Ultra’s spec sheet even extra stunning and proves that you just’ll be in a situation to have all of it with out truly spending all of it.

Upgraded elegance

The S21 Ultra has the the same fabricate because the S21, which I reviewed supreme month, and it’s moral as impressive. The camera array will not be any longer a bulbous bump floating in the top left nook, however a mighty extra subtle person that seamlessly extends from the perimeters of the phone. It’s peaceable fairly extensive, however the original placement feels extra balanced than in the old generation’s S20, and it doesn’t bump into my fingers as normally. The matte abet is well-organized and delectable and does an very good job at repelling fingerprints.

The S21 Ultra is a mammoth phone, even it’s technically smaller than supreme year’s S20 (165.1 x 75.6 x 8.9mm vs 166.9 x 76 x 8.8mm). It’s every so continually impossible to make exercise of with one hand, and at 6.8 inches peaceable feels very mighty on the easier quit of how extensive of a phone of us are tantalizing to take care of. The indisputable truth that it’s a tenth of an mosey smaller than the S20 Ultra and the the same measurement because the Present 20 Ultra appears to be like to indicate we won’t ogle a 7-mosey Galaxy phone anytime soon, unless it folds.

s21 ultra side camera Michael Simon/IDG

The S21 Ultra’s camera array properly blends into the perimeters of the phone.

Admire the more cost effective S21 phones, Samsung has removed about a aspects from the S21 Ultra, namely MST for the exercise of Samsung Pay at terminals that don’t toughen NFC, and the microSD card slot. The inability of expandable storage hits severely laborious, since the S21 Ultra is intended to be the ideal of the excessive quit. I win its intention viewers would be inclined to make exercise of a microSD card. Nonetheless alas, it’s gone.

Top on the eyes

Whenever you’ll be in a situation to take care of the scale and static storage, on the other hand, the S21 Ultra has the appropriate hide hide Samsung has ever made, which will not be any little feat. It debuts a preference of most traditional aspects for a Samsung expose and sets the bar extremely excessive for the the rest of its 2021 opponents, alongside side the next-generation iPhone Pro.

  • It makes exercise of Samsung’s original low-powered OLED expose, which reduces vitality consumption as a lot as 16 percent.
  • It’s essentially the most important Samsung phone to toughen 120Hz at beefy WQHD+ resolution.
  • It’s the brightest expose Samsung has ever made, topping 1,500 nits.
  • It’s Samsung’s most ambiance pleasant adaptive refresh expose, with a unfold of 10Hz to 120Hz.
s21 ultra lock sreen Michael Simon/IDG

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has a mammoth hide hide—however it’s rather smaller than supreme year’s S20 Ultra.

So it’s no longer a stretch to command the Galaxy S21 Ultra has the appropriate expose ever made. Clearly, that modified into also correct of the S20 Ultra on the time, however the S21 Ultra feels enjoy a correct achievement in expose technology. The size will more than likely be an challenge for heaps of users, however Samsung has on the other hand delivered a ridiculously moral expose.

Performance you question

Along side the appropriate expose you’re ever considered, you’re also getting the appropriate station of specs ever assembled in an Android phone:

  • Processor: Snapdragon 888
  • RAM: 12GB/16GB LPDDR5
  • Storage: UFS 3.1 128GB/256GB/512GB
  • Battery: 5,000mAh
  • Wi-fi: sub6 + mmWave 5G, Wi-Fi 6E
  • Ultrawide band: Sure

That’s no longer fairly all over-the-board better than the S21 and S21+, however it’s a marked enchancment. You’re getting a little quicker speeds due to the the additional RAM, however the S21 is already crazy-swiftly, so it’s no longer something you’ll leer in day-to-day exercise. Whenever you want numbers, I’ve got numbers:

Galaxy S21

Geekbench 5 (Single/Multi)

S21: 1076/3223

S21 Ultra: 1118/3541

PCMark Work 2.0

S21: 13070

S21 Ultra: 13525

3D Designate Wildlife

S21: 5209

S21 Ultra: 5686

The marquee characteristic is the UWB chip, which operates in a devoted half of the radio spectrum to allow right procedure monitoring. That’ll attain in at hand when Samsung begins promoting its SmartTag+ UWB-powered tracker later this year.

s21 ultra camera lenses Michael Simon/IDG

The S21 Ultra’s camera array is a peruse to glimpse.

The S21 Ultra’s 5,000mAh battery is a powerhouse to boot, with fully no anguish making it through a day of heavy exercise. Benchmarks delivered on the enviornment of 11 hours, come longer than the S20 Ultra and each so continually any other Android phone I’ve ever feeble. Even with the 120Hz expose became on, I had no challenge getting through a day and then some. It’s in iPhone 12 territory—you won’t must fear in regards to the battery unless you’re downloading extensive recordsdata over 5G for hours on quit.

Additionally original is the addition of the S Pen, which is an additional accessory—and it doesn’t have a slot enjoy the Present. I’m no longer distinct how extensive the market for it’s, however while you’ve ever lamented in regards to the inability to jot down on your S phone, this can simply scratch that itch. It will’t get any of the esteem Bluetooth air gestures but—you’ll want the S Pen Pro for that, which is launching later this year—however the amateur S Pen works perfectly well for taps and notes.

Up shut even from a long way away

While the Ultra surname can educate to all aspects of the phone, nowhere is it extra glaring than with the camera. No longer most efficient is the S21 Ultra’s camera a huge enchancment over the S21 and S21+, however it’s also a huge jump over supreme year’s already-capable rig:

S20 Ultra

Camera 1: 12MP Ultra Huge, f/2.2

Camera 2: 108MP Huge-perspective, f/1.8

Camera 3: 48MP Telephoto (5X), f/3.5

Camera 4: DepthVision (time-of-flight)

S21 Ultra

Camera 1: 12MP Ultra Huge, f/2.2

Camera 2: 108MP Huge, f/1.8

Camera 3: Telephoto (3X) 10MP, f/2.4

Camera 4: Telephoto (10X) 10MP, f/4.9

The ideal enhancements over the S20 Ultra are with the telephoto lens and autofocus. The laser autofocus introduced with the Present 20 is right here so the S20’s focusing factors are gone, which makes it mighty more uncomplicated to hasty level and shoot. Samsung improved the S20 after about a updates, however it never felt as swiftly as it will. The S21 does.

s21 ultra zoom Michael Simon/IDG

The zooming capabilities on the S21 Ultra are simply incredible. In contrast to the traditional at prime left, we ogle approach-splendid clarity at 10X (prime proper), very first payment quality at 30X (bottom left), and useable pictures at 100X (bottom proper).

Equally noticeable are the enhancements Samsung has made to zooming. Samsung made telephoto photography a huge take care of the S20, and it continues right here with the addition of a 2nd telephoto lens. That permits very positive photos at 10X zoom, twice as long because the iPhone 12 can shoot with digital zoom. Evaluating the implications to any other phone isn’t even stunning. If telephoto photography is your ingredient, there’s no motive to preserve in solutions any other phone.

Samsung peaceable enables you to “Home Zoom” as a lot as 100X, and while it’s a little extra real and never more noisy than the S20, it’s peaceable extra of a get together trick than a extreme characteristic. It’s fairly incredible that a phone can zoom all the come to 100X and peaceable preserve some semblance of image quality, however you won’t be the exercise of it very normally, if ever.

s21 ultra portrait Michael Simon/IDG

The S21 Ultra (left) handles my son’s hairline in opposition to a tough background noticeably better than the S21 (center) and iPhone 12 (proper). It’s the ideal regarded as one of the most three to preserve little important aspects and no longer lose the top in opposition to the busy abet wall.

Where the additional telephoto lens truly shines is with portraits. Clearly, Samsung phones have had a portrait mode since Selective Center of attention arrived on the Galaxy S5, however it’s never been better than on the S21 Ultra, with extremely crisp edges, well-organized lines in opposition to any background, and an appealing background blur.

In totally different places, the S21 Ultra takes very good photos that are on a par with the appropriate in the enviornment. My ideal criticism is that photos are usually rather overexposed. No subject which of the four cameras you choose to make exercise of, on the other hand, you’ll be snapping a in point of fact moral pic. Going forward, Samsung desires to turn its consideration to a deeper level of processing, however it’s laborious to compile too mighty fault with a telephoto camera that’s this grand.

Whenever you buy the Galaxy S21 Ultra?

For many investors, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will more than likely be too mighty phone for too mighty money. Admire the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it’s very extensive and heavy, and it would station you abet a bundle of dough. Whenever you’re in the slightest degree cautious about what your use, this isn’t the phone for you, and the $800 S21 is the come to head.

Nonetheless while that possibilities are you’ll simply have an even bigger price range, the S21 Ultra represents the appropriate—the easier of Samsung, essentially the most necessary telephoto camera, and the easier of every little thing Android has to offer at any impress. It’s also $200 more cost effective than the S20 Ultra, and the corners Samsung cut to get there didn’t sacrifice too mighty of what makes it an extremely-top class phone. While the microSD slot and MST could well appear enjoy important losses, the assets you’re gaining bigger than attach up for it.

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  • The Galaxy S21 Ultra is indubitably the appropriate Android phone you’ll be in a situation to buy proper now. Nonetheless it indubitably’s peaceable too extensive and too costly for all however a little viewers of fans.


    • Elegant hide hide and overall fabricate
    • Gorgeous camera with killer telephoto abilities
    • Big battery and efficiency


    • Big and heavy
    • No MicroSD card slot

Michael Simon covers all things cell for PCWorld and Macworld. You presumably can in total compile him alongside side his nostril buried in a hide hide. The appropriate come to cry at him is on Twitter.