This independent tracking drone is frighteningly capable

This independent tracking drone is frighteningly capable


Right here’s a video striking Skydio’s Skydio 2 independent tracking drone to the check and it actually works frighteningly well. First they track a particular person running via the woods, then a car driving below a bridge, then check out it is electromagnetic shielding. And the implications? Smartly turns out here is the ideal stalking instrument on fable of it was once ready to capture with the entirety they were doing.

The Skydio 2 makes command of six 200 level 4k colour cameras to fetch 45 megapixels of visual sensing which it computes with AI to back navigate. Obviously the supposed command case is for non-public filming of sports and activities, but in the occasion you made the choice to correct purpose it on a topic I’m no longer fully obvious what they would well create to saunter other than capturing it down. The precise news is that it is quiet as loud as every varied drone so I’d want to scrutinize a stalker truly attempt to command it. It be hard to be creepy and stealthy when there may well be a flying vacuum cleaner following you around.

Purchase going for the paunchy check video to boot to Skydio’s delight in promo video. The Skydio 2 expenses $999 and you’ll reserve them here.

And Skydio’s legitimate promo video:

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