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Home Tech Eve Aqua review: The ideal watering timer for the HomeKit area

Eve Aqua review: The ideal watering timer for the HomeKit area

Eve Aqua review: The ideal watering timer for the HomeKit area

Enhance for HomeKit and Thread render this water valve smarter than most, but Android customers are left high and dry.

eve aqua lifestyle 03

Eve Systems

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By manner of orderly watering timers designed for backyard hose or drip irrigation—where “orderly” is outlined as “connected to the internet”—the pickings are beautiful slim. There’s the Orbit B-Hyve Engaging Hose Water Timer; the Melnor RainCloud Engaging Water Timer, which we have got yet to seem at; and the Eve Aqua, which we’re reviewing right here.

The Eve Aqua is doubly uncommon for not most productive being in Apple’s HomeKit orderly residence ecosystem but for also supporting the low-energy wireless orderly residence in trend Thread. Nevertheless you’ll need an iPhone or an iPad to make utilize of it, plus a HomePod, an Apple TV, or (again) an iPad whereas you ought to manipulate it whereas you’re faraway from residence. The alternative is to make utilize of Bluetooth and attach a watch on the tool most productive within the neighborhood.

This review is portion of TechHive’s coverage of the ideal orderly sprinkler controller systems, where you’ll safe reviews of the competitors’s offerings, plus a purchaser’s e-book to the substances you would additionally quiet have interaction into consideration when taking a detect for this trend of product.

The tool’s manufacturer, Eve Systems, prides itself on its person privacy protections, so there’s no product registration required to provoke a product warranty, no cloud companies and products to ascertain in for, and all communications are between your iOS tool and your HomeKit hub with end-to-end encryption. Nevertheless that dependence on Apple merchandise means Android customers can’t utilize any of Eve’s merchandise, including this one. The Eve Aqua also would not reinforce Alexa or Google Assistant, so that you just’ll must rely upon Siri whereas you adore to manipulate the orderly valve with bid instructions.

eve aqua hose connector Michael Brown / IDG

The Eve Aqua is designed for set up between your outdoors spigot and your backyard hose.

Putting in place the Eve Aqua

The Eve Aqua is a cuboid tool measuring 3.74 x 3.23 x 3.25 inches (WxHxD), not including the threaded hose connections. It operates on 2 AA batteries, which advance within the field along with a plastic hasty-join hose attachment whereas you would additionally salvage the matching connector to your hose. You’ll want to program watering instances within the Eve app, but there’s also a energy button on its face that will commence its valve when pressed and shut it when pushed a second time. That it is likely you’ll additionally area a default shut-off time within the Eve app, and to boot you’ll safe a child lock there that disables the button whereas you anxiety mischief-makers.

The Eve Aqua user manual suggests you install the batteries, mount the orderly valve to your spigot, after which join it to your smartphone by Bluetooth. After doing it that manner, I’d suggest the greater manner would be to install the batteries, join it to your smartphone by Bluetooth, let it catch two sequential firmware updates (the second of which can spark off its onboard Thread radio), and most productive then mount it to your spigot. I did this with a second review unit that Eve despatched, but wasn’t ready to entire the final step due to the I realized they’d inadvertently despatched me a European mannequin which has varied hose threads.

eve aqua with quick release Michael Brown / IDG

Eve involves a hasty-join hose fitting within the field, but you’ll must present the matching connector that matches to your backyard hose.

You’ll also want to have interaction care when installing the batteries, which entails pressing on one side of the cube to push the entire face of the valve up. Not intellectual how the compartment opened, my inclination was to grip the valve with my fingers on its face, which meant I used to be combating with myself to win it opened, since the face pops out. When I moved my fingers faraway from that region, the compartment slid up with such pressure that it popped entirely out and was dangling by the wires that join the valve to the button. Happily, there’s ample slack in these wires that they didn’t change into self reliant from from their soldered connections at either end.

The Eve app

Eve Systems has a single app for all its orderly residence merchandise, which is big due to the you ought to be taught only 1 user interface for the entire thing. It’s also confusing, since the app gets populated by every varied HomeKit tool you would additionally salvage build in. That left me with more than two dozen squares to navigate within the app’s residence display hide—labeled At a Ogle—which looks entirely varied than the residence display hide in Apple’s House app. Happily, you would additionally limit the devices that display up right here by designating a restricted series of them as “favorites,” and to boot you would additionally re-order how they’re equipped in a three-all the intention by grid.

eve aqua running Michael Brown / IDG

That it is likely you’ll additionally configure the Eve app to display you all of your HomeKit devices in its At a Ogle display hide, but that’s overkill except you’re deploying slightly a few varied Eve devices that you just basically want to work in conjunction with varied merchandise.

Four icons sit all the intention by the backside of the app: A rental icon takes you to the At a Ogle display hide I impartial described, a Rooms button displays which HomeKit devices are assigned to each and each room to your rental, an Automations button takes you to a display hide where you would additionally win these situation-based mostly totally totally actions, and a Settings icon drills down into varied tool configuration solutions.

You’ll utilize the Rooms procedure to win digital rooms and organize your varied HomeKit devices within them. This display hide displays your orderly residence devices per form: Energy, for things comparable to orderly bulbs, orderly switches and dimmers, ceiling followers, and the adore; Way, for devices adore motorized window coverings; Contact, for door/window sensors; and Temperature, for orderly thermostats and any varied temperature sensors you might perhaps well salvage deployed.

Right here again, whereas you peek all this knowledge to be overwhelming, you would additionally limit the tool kinds that are displayed on this look, and to boot you would additionally address the order in which they’re listed in any manner that makes sense to you.

Of route, it’s not basically indispensable to configure all your HomeKit devices within the Eve app—but being an obsessive form, I nonetheless spent diverse hours organizing the entire thing in a trend that tickled me. You will want to form this not lower than to your Eve devices, as this can make things more uncomplicated whereas you occur to win to the Automations portion of the app, which will seemingly be the largest procedure of them all. Right here’s divided into three tabs: Scenes, Timers, and Principles.

eve aqua battery compartment Michael Brown / IDG

The Eve Aqua runs on two AA batteries, but have interaction care when opening the battery compartment as its rubber seals make for a tight match.

Scenes can relief you to connect up a watch on more than one HomeKit devices on the identical time; so, whereas you had one Eve Aqua to your front yard and a second one to your support yard, you would additionally win a scene that controlled both of them with a single voice: “Howdy Siri, water the yard.” That it is likely you’ll additionally additionally outline a default duration for the scene, so as that the valve(s) will automatically shut after a outlined length of time elapses—wherever from 10 seconds to four hours. In order for you a visible reminder that you just’re working water, you would additionally even add a situation that turns a mild-weight on whereas the scene is working. There doesn’t seem like a trend, alternatively, for the scene to flip the sunshine off when the valve closes.

eve aqua timer Michael Brown / IDG

As you’d demand of a orderly water timer, you would additionally win schedules that attach a watch on when, how continuously, and for a trend lengthy your lawn or backyard will seemingly be irrigated.

May perhaps well salvage to you wished to flip the water off earlier for no subject reason, you would additionally either press the button or win a second scene to shut the valve: “Howdy Siri, dwell watering the yard.” In order for you an irrigation event to recur on an ongoing foundation, you would additionally win a timer that will repeat that scene every few days or every few weeks. You area the day you need the valve to commence and the frequency at which you need watering to recur. The time that the valve remains commence is particular within the scene you created earlier.

The Eve app will file the last time the valve was ragged, the default duration, and the estimated water consumption on a weekly and month-to-month foundation. Not just like the competing Orbit B-Hyve Engaging House Watering Timer, alternatively, the Eve Aqua obtained’t calibrate your water spin along with the circulation rate on its possess.

Eve recommends as a replacement that you just manually enter a spin along with the circulation-rate worth (in gallons per minute) based mostly totally totally to your sprinkler’s documentation (the app has a default worth of 4.8 gallons per minute). May perhaps well salvage to you don’t salvage that records, you would additionally have interaction a spin along with the circulation meter or merely build the sprinkler in a bucket, flip the valve on for one minute, and measure how powerful water is within the bucket.  

Also not just like the Orbit product, the Eve Aqua doesn’t salvage an computerized rain- or wind-extend aim. Orbit’s B-Hyve has a “orderly watering” aim that will enforce a 24-hour extend to forestall the tool from watering if rain is forecast (which might perhaps rendering water unnecessary) or salvage winds are coming (which can additionally lift water faraway from the areas you’re trying to irrigate, or dissipate it so powerful that it would impartial evaporate) based mostly totally totally to your zip code.

eve aqua consumption report Michael Brown / IDG

The Eve app will expose you when your gardens were watered last and how powerful water you’ve consumed for irrigation applications, amongst varied things.

Eve kind of presents a work-spherical for this, but it with no doubt’s based mostly totally totally on Siri Shortcuts and is therefore not computerized. Nevertheless once I tried it on my iPhone 12, I obtained the message “This shortcut can’t be opened due to the your Shortcuts security settings don’t enable untrusted shortcuts.” If I were to enable this untrusted shortcut, it would take a look at the Climate app build in on my cell phone, and if rain is forecast, Eve will dwell watering. Nevertheless I’d must be acutely conscious to speed the shortcut by announcing “Howdy Siri, take a look at watering.”

The backside line

May perhaps well salvage to you’re a hardcore HomeKit user, the Eve Aqua is a big procedure for conserving your landscaping green without wasting water. Its in depth privacy substances, alternatively, forestall it from providing some functional substances you’ll safe in competing merchandise, comparable to computerized rain and wind delays. You’ll also must manually calibrate it whereas you desire proper water-utilization reviews. And whereas you would additionally attach a watch on it by Bluetooth, its HomeKit and Thread reinforce are its easiest substances. Nevertheless which implies that you just’ll want to salvage a HomeKit “residence hub” (again, which implies that an Apple TV, an iPad, or a HomePod mini) area up to have interaction beefy advantage.

There’s also the worth to have interaction into consideration. While it will seemingly be argued that the Orbit B-Hyve Engaging Hose Watering Timer is less sophisticated due to the it depends on Bluetooth and a Bluetooth-to-Wi-Fi bridge, and that it’s less sensitive to your privacy due to the it is dependent upon a connection to Orbit’s servers within the cloud, Orbit’s product will seemingly be powerful less costly. As of this writing, one valve bundled with the Wi-Fi bridge was promoting for roughly $56 on Amazon, and each further orderly valve worth $39. The checklist mark for the Eve Aqua is $99.95. Putting in place a four-zone procedure (e.g., front yard, support yard, and two side yards) would worth $400 with the Eve Aqua—or about $500 whereas you occur to comprise a $99 HomePod mini within the equation—in comparison to impartial $168 with Orbit’s solution (sure, I’m evaluating avenue to checklist prices right here, but the Eve Aqua wasn’t yet on hand at retail as I used to be writing this).

May perhaps well salvage to you’re of the who-can-build-a-mark-on-privacy mindset, that mark incompatibility might perhaps additionally not hassle you. Ditto whereas you suspect HomeKit is the be-all, end-all of orderly residence technology (and I salvage to admit, it is turning into beautiful gigantic). Rather than these two considerations, Eve’s product isn’t basically superior to what the competitors has to present, and it’s very costly when put next.

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  • The Eve Aqua is an very glorious tool for irrigating your backyard without wasting water, which is one in every of our most functional sources. Nevertheless that is also of hobby most productive to Apple customers, it’s not basically superior to competing merchandise that are atrocious platform, and it’s very costly.


    • Automatic orderly lawn and/or backyard irrigation
    • More than one Eve Aquas might perhaps additionally very neatly be controlled concurrently
    • Works with either Bluetooth or HomeKit and Thread
    • Superb privacy provisions


    • Not acceptable with Android devices, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant
    • No computerized rain- or wind-extend aim
    • Eve app’s complexity items a finding out curve
    • Dear in comparison to the competitors

Michael covers the orderly-residence, residence-leisure, and residence-networking beats, working within the orderly residence he in-built 2007.