slower becausehave they tested dinky cores? even if they have tested BIG cores, can…

slower becausehave they tested dinky cores? even if they have tested BIG cores, can…
Intel's 12th-generation Alder Lake processors are expected to arrive later this year
Intel’s 12th-technology Alder Lake processors are expected to attain later this year (image by means of Intel)

A South Korean Tech discussion board submit claims that Intel’s 12th-technology Alder Lake processors are 40% slower than initially anticipated. It also says that Intel’s Xe DG2 HPG graphics playing cards will attain with now not less than 6GB of VRAM and fee less than Nvidia and AMD conceivable decisions.

Data about Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake line of processors is unexcited somewhat scarce. Leaks imply that we might also gaze a 20% IPC uplift in single-threaded workloads and double the multi-threaded efficiency in some workloads. On the opposite hand, that files used to be sourced from alleged Intel marketing discipline cloth, so it be most efficient to address it with scepticism. A brand new submit from South Korean tech boards Clien suggests that Alder Lake processors might be 40% slower than earlier anticipated.

On the opposite hand, the submit is devoid of specifics, such because the processor model and the hardware that it is a ways being compared in opposition to. Moreover, some benchmarks have effort effectively recognizing Alder Lake’s hybrid core configuration. Even with 40% diminished efficiency, we’re unexcited having a watch at double-digit IPC beneficial properties all thru the board.

The submit also talks about Intel’s Xe DG2 HPG line of graphics playing cards. It tells us that the entry-stage model will attain with now not less than 6GB of GDDR6 VRAM. It contradicts an earlier leak, which acknowledged that now not less than three SKUs would ship with 4GB VRAM. The entry-stage SKU is anticipated to be a great deal more cost effective than equally-specced AMD and Nvidia items. Its mining efficiency is abysmal, too.

Whereas Clien has been moderately apt with a few of its old leaks, the boards have had a history of being sinful, too. Therefore, we must always unexcited address this files with a healthy dose of scepticism. Alder Lake marks the starting place of a wholly new CPU architecture, and we are in a position to now not maybe ask it to attain attend with out a hiccup or two.

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