Icelandic volcano eruption filmed from home in Reykjavík

Icelandic volcano eruption filmed from home in Reykjavík


That volcano in Iceland that started erupting after 800 years? Wisely it be indifferent erupting.

I went to my balcony to film one more time after listening to there were the truth is broad lava fountains spewing around nighttime local time, and lo and mediate about I caught the 2 greatest ones, filmed around 2am Sunday, Would possibly presumably additionally merely 2nd
The pictures is a exiguous shaky thanks to right wind

Sure, definite, blame the wind for the shaky pictures and never the pee-pee and poo-poo leaving your body. How are folks upright casually indifferent living there? I don’t care what number of scientists present me it be safe, if I label one thing be pleased that out of my window I’m booking the first flight to wherever does no longer believe volcanoes.

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