Afghanistan: Despair of Brits and UK allies stuck behind Taliban lines

Afghanistan: Despair of Brits and UK allies stuck behind Taliban lines

By Georgina Rannard & Chris Bell

BBC News

Image source, Anadolu Agency

Hundreds of UK nationals are stuck in Afghanistan days after the last evacuation flight left Kabul airport. It is feared that hundreds more who are qualified for moving to Britain are likewise caught in the nation, which is now in the hands of the hardline Islamist group.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who has actually participated in conferences in Qatar and Pakistan today to talk about how a few of individuals might be assisted to security, stated Kabul airport may resume “in the future”. He likewise signified that Britain was searching for co-operation with the Taliban on crossings.

Here, British nationals and at-risk Afghans share what has actually taken place given that the last evacuation flight – and what they prepare to do now. The BBC has actually altered some names to safeguard the identities of those we talked to.

Halima – moms and dads stranded after funeral service

Halima’s moms and dads, who both have British passports, went to Afghanistan for a household funeral service in July, prior to the Taliban’s quick rise to power. Their flights back to London were cancelled and days later on the nation was up to the Taliban. In an e-mail, the UK federal government informed them to go to Kabul airport to be placed on an evacuation flight however they reversed after cautions of an attack.

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Image caption, Halima is alone now in London while her moms and dads are caught in Afghanistan

Since the last UK evacuation, they have actually had no interaction from the federal government. “We are lacking cash here. Banks are closed, there is a scarcity of food,” they describe. Their only strategy is to attempt to endure till it’s possible to come house.

In a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson today, Halima, who remains in her early 20 s, asked: “Have you got any concept what my household and I are going through?” She has actually up until now gotten just an automatic reply.

Wahid – NHS employee stuck in Kabul

After operating in a London healthcare facility throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Wahid went to check out household in Afghanistan in early August. After the Taliban took power, he was encouraged by the Foreign Office to go to the Baron Hotel, near Kabul airport, where British soldiers were processing UK nationals for evacuation.

Image source, Wahid

Image caption, Wahid states he likes his task in the healthcare facility and misses out on going to work

At evictions, Taliban guards attempted to wreck his British passport. Pictures reveal the contusions from the embarrassing pounding they provided him in front of his better half.

” Now I’m moving from home to home. It’s not safe to remain still. I have problems,” he discusses, including that his bro was caught by the Taliban recently.

” It’s too frightening to attempt to leave through a neighbouring nation. We heard a group of Afghans were eliminated at the border recently,” stated Wahid, who remains in his 20 s.

” All I can do is wait. All the time I take a look at my phone expecting an e-mail – however absolutely nothing,” he states.

Abdul – worked for the British Council

Abdul was an English language fitness instructor for the British Council, working all over Afghanistan. The council informed him he was qualified for the Arap (Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy) plan, which provides Afghans who worked for the British federal government the right to transplant in the UK.

He has actually not yet heard the result of his application. “We are left. They’ve offered us to the Taliban,” he stated as the last evacuation flight left.

Image source, Abdul

Image caption, Abdul worked for the British Council and is waiting to hear whether he can transplant in the UK

Fearing for their security, Abdul and his household have actually now deserted their house. Without any task, he has actually offered his better half’s jewellery to make ends fulfill.

He states he has no strategies and no choices. “It’s tough for me to go back to typical life,” he states. “Even if the borders to neighbouring nations open, I do not understand how to securely go out. No-one is addressing my concern – the length of time should we wait to speak with the federal government?”

Zahra – household battled the Taliban

” There’s no sleep – simply stressing,” states Zahra. She remains in Leeds. Her household, a few of whom combated the Taliban or prosecuted militants under the Western-backed Afghan federal government, remain in Afghanistan.

She registered their information with the UK federal government however was informed today there were no updates and not to call the federal government hotline once again. “They have actually offered no options,” she states.

The household remain in concealing and waiting. One relative, fed up with being frightened, is thinking about the hazardous crossing into neighbouring Iran.

” There requires to be some type of verification from the federal government. That’s what they’re waiting on. If they go to another nation, will there be assist?” states Zahra, who remains in her 20 s. “I’m 100%sure my household would take the danger if there was clearness and hope.”

Farwad – caught with young child

Farwad went to the Baron Hotel 3 times to sign up with the evacuation by British soldiers. In one effort he states he waited on 24 hours in the dust and heat. An Afghan-British nationwide, he had actually returned to Afghanistan in 2019 and was coping with his other half and young infant, neither of whom have British passports.

He was so particular they would have the ability to leave the nation after the Taliban took power that he left their house.

Media caption, BBC’s Lyse Doucet reports from Kabul: “It’s still a battle to endure, or a race to attempt to leave”

He states he sent out many e-mails and called embassy personnel. “I informed them our passport states the Queen ‘will manage the bearer such help and defense as needed’ however they didn’t care,” he states.

Farwad is now sticking with neighbours. “I do not have any alternatives. My other half and kid do not have British passports and I can not leave them. It’s unsafe to go to neighbouring nations. The embassies are closed. We do not understand what to do.”

Sayyid – sibling threatened by Taliban

” I’ve called the helpline more than 2,000 times,” Sayyid, who resides in Edinburgh with his Scottish better half and kids, informs the BBC.

His bro, who worked for a British charity in Afghanistan, has actually currently been threatened by the Taliban, he states. With his mom, he left their house and signed up with the crowds at Kabul Airport attempting to leave. After missing out on out on the evacuation, they are left waiting in hope that flights will quickly resume.

” I desire them to get on among those flights. They are qualified,” Sayyid states. “My mom is requesting my assistance and I’m powerless. She stated ‘I do not care about my life, however please take your bro’.”

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