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Wednesday, October 5, 2022


For years, USB technologies have been an alphabet soup of terminology—when, really, all consumers care about is how fast the USB connection is. But now, finally, a new USB logo scheme solves this problem. The USB Implementors Forum unveiled new logos on Friday for laptop ports, chargers, and cables that actually try to communicate what
OLED monitors, with their vibrant colors and perfect black levels, are some of the very best screens you can connect to your PC. Unfortunately, they’re also crazy expensive: with only a few models on the market, the cheapest is still more than a thousand bucks. That might be changing soon, if a report on OLED
Whether you’re creating a sleek new logo for your company or a magazine cover that’s popping with bright colors and interesting shapes, graphic designers need the right kind of laptop to get the job done. The most important thing is powerful hardware. For tasks like 3D modeling, you’re going to need a powerful CPU and
Unsplash Amazon is readying its second Prime Day sale for Oct. 11 and Oct 12. It’s called the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, aka Prime Day 2, and we’re already seeing some early Prime Day 2 TV deals drop. We’ve begun curating the best TV deals from both Amazon and other retailers as we await
You’d think that a company selling motherboards directly to desktop PC builders would have a little bit of faith that those users can assemble a PC. Apparently, that’s not the case for Asrock, at least on some variants of its high-end motherboards for the new AMD AM5 socket. Several Reddit users opened their X670E motherboards
Adam Patrick Murray/IDG Getting into the weeds of how processors work, and how they work under load with different kinds of tasks, is always a big ask. Luckily, Gordon Mah Ung recently got some answers straight from the horse’s mouth at Intel’s Innovation 2022 conference. Check out the latest PCWorld YouTube video for a breakdown
Madmaxer/iStock Online backup is an essential hedge against physical data disaster. Whether it’s an act of malice or an act of nature, you never know when trouble will threaten all the files and folders you have stored on your PC. While we always recommend keeping a local backup for quick restores (see our roundup of the
The latest “meme” game to take the world by storm is Trombone Champ, a rhythm title all about the titular giant brass slide whistle. The addictive freeform gameplay, in which a mouse is all you need to fully simulate the toot-toot, is perfectly balanced with some entertaining and sometimes even truthful lore about trombone history.
Game consoles have long since moved to wireless controllers as the standard, but there are still reasons to consider a wired version. For one, you don’t have to worry about connection issues or battery levels. More importantly, wired controllers like the PowerA Enhanced Xbox Controller tend to be cheaper. That can be important when the
Alienware If you’ve been looking around for a chic keyboard for either work or play, we’ve got a fabulous for you today. Amazon’s selling the Alienware Low-Profile RGB Gaming Keyboard for $99.99. That’s a savings of $99.01. The bone white color scheme and floating keys are eye-catching and just plain lovely. However, the best part