GRS Hydrogen Solutions Founder Receives Highest Award From the World Energy and Environment Council

GRS Hydrogen Solutions
GRS Hydrogen Solutions

The World Energy and Environment Council (WEEC) has awarded GRS Hydrogen Solutions Inc, Founder, and CEO Albert Cerenzie with the highest award for work in reducing global emissions.  The WEEC is a global platform aimed to address the serious issues and environmental challenges faced by turning the world to use only clean and renewable energy. 

GRS Hydrogen Solutions Inc is a private renewable energy firm based in Canada with several technologies for hydrogen production and use for sustainable energy needs.  GRS Hydrogen Solutions’ team has over 30 years of research and development experience in hydrogen production and gas recapture technologies, making them one of the longest-standing experts in this growing field that will be an essential building block in the foundation of a greener earth.  

The WEEC and GRS Hydrogen Solutions

The WEEC has a multi-focused strategy of molding energy policy, building sustainable strategies, pushing sustainable resource developments, and funding sustainable economic growth.  The WEEC aims for commitments from governments, with their leaders and lawmakers to conduct intelligent thinking, getting brilliant policy changing ideas that direct their laws and regulations.  With private sector cooperation and participation, the WEEC wishes to create a roadmap toward sustainability that is for the benefit of all.

GRS Hydrogen Solutions has its focus on the use of hydrogen as a clean resource that can aid in some of the most challenging areas for the global economy, allowing them to shift to renewable solutions.  GRS Hydrogen Solutions has developed the GL-15 system that is able to take seawater and process it into hydrogen for use in creating electrical energy in remote areas.  Through this process, the GL-15 can also produce fresh drinking water for the same remote areas, solving a problem that generally requires the regular delivery of diesel and water, which is expensive, inefficient, and creates a huge amount of pollution. 

The Prize Winner

The WEEC has awarded Albert Cerenzie for his work with the Saudi and the Bahrain governments in the field of gas recapture technologies. This novel work of GRS Hydrogen Solutions in CO2 recapture was done in cooperation with Vanagas as well as Etelco.  

Recapture technology is only part of the process to slow climate change that is intended to reduce greenhouse gas production. The real goal is to look at cleaner-burning fuels and proceeds that are based on carbon-neutral technology. Through the burning of fossil fuels, significant amounts of various greenhouse gasses, including CO2, are released.  If this gas can be captured and then used for other purposes, its total impact can be reduced, slowing its build-up, which is raising the earth’s temperature. 

GRS Hydrogen Solutions and the Saline Water Conversion Company (SWCC) hold several patents in the US and globally for their hydrogen recapture process.  Hydrogen is a clean-burning renewable fuel that can be used to replace many systems that are using fossil fuels.  One method of hydrogen creation is through the burning of fossil fuels.  If this hydrogen production process is able to recapture the CO2 that is created in the hydrogen’s production, it is called Blue Hydrogen.  GRS Hydrogen Solutions’ Blue Hydrogen technology and CEO Albert Cerenzie have already received awards from the Canadian Government.  Mr. Cerenzie has a decade-long history in the Middle East working with governments of both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, providing them with this valuable gas recapture technology that reduces harmful emissions and forwards the countries’ ongoing climate change initiatives. 

Bahrain and Saudis Moving Foreward

Since their signing of the Paris Climate Accords, both the Saudi and Bahrain governments, once famous for their riches from fossil fuels, have taken global-leading positions in combating climate change.  These nations have chosen to lead by example and, to this end, have made a commitment of billions of dollars in funding renewable energy and clean technology initiatives. 

GRS Hydrogen Solutions Founder Albert Cerenzie will return to Saudi and Bahrain in March 2022 to continue plans for the various projects underway and also discuss future opportunities in new technologies GRS Hydrogen Solutions is developing. There are several new patents being filed this year on some very exciting technologies that are believed to make a huge impact on the Hydrogen market. These include technologies in marine transportation, power generation, and hydrogen processing methods for transportation.

GRS Hydrogen Solutions has committed its support to aid the Saudi and Bahraini governments with hydrogen-related renewable energy initiatives to reverse the effects of climate change.  One of the recent Saudi projects that have now been unveiled is the world’s largest green hydrogen venture to be built in Saudi Arabia. This $5 billion project jointly owned by Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power, Air Products, and Neom is headed by Air Products, and when complete, the new facility will produce 650 tons of green hydrogen per day.  Green hydrogen is produced through a decoupling process called electrolysis and the electricity needed is fueled by renewable energy; in the case of this project, solar will supply the electricity.  The 650-ton daily production is sufficient to fuel around 20,000 hydrogen-fueled buses.  The project, expected to be up and fully running in 2025, will produce the hydrogen in ammonia form, which is more stable for transportation to its end markets, at which point it will be converted back to hydrogen for use.

GRS Hydrogen Solutions Gas Recapture

The GRS Hydrogen production project is just part of the $100 billion that the Saudi Government has committed for the reduction of greenhouse gasses.  Part of this commitment is for both Blue and Green Hydrogen production.  The Saudis are targeting total Blue and Green Hydrogen production to be 2.9 million tons/year by 2030 and 4 million by 2030.  This first project is just a fraction of their goal of producing 240,000 tons by 2025. GRS Hydrogen Solutions will be a key contributor to Saudi Arabia’s goal with a recent gas recapture off-take agreement signed with RPM that is valued at $150 million.

GRS Hydrogen Solutions has also been awarded for their work by the Canadian Government for their technology and for providing expert consulting services on carbon credits, and for the creation of standards for the measurement of emissions. GRS Hydrogen Solutions continues its work with governments around the globe, to help them provide a greener future for all.