Saudi Interior Ministry launches fourth Makkah Route initiative

Saudi Interior Ministry launches fourth Makkah Route initiative

JEDDAH: The water activities on offer at the Jeddah Waves’ event are helping visitors to experience adrenaline highs in a safe way.

Organized by Blue Limits Company, the event is offering a range of aquatic activities including jet skiing, speed boats, kayaking, flyboarding, SEABOB scooters, schiller water bikes and banana boats. 

Mustafa Shehata, general manager of Blue Limits Company, said that the event was arranged to provide visitors with marine activities not otherwise easily accessible in the city.

“There are no good public places to enjoy water activities; hence this zone was designed especially for the public to give them access to watersports and the option to venture into the open sea to chase the catch of the day,” he said.

Mustafa Shehata, General Manager of Blue Limits Company. (Supplied)

The zone is operated with the help of 30 employees, and each activity is monitored by a professional.

“We have guards surrounding the jet skis and captains allocated for the banana rides, speed boats, flyboards and other sea props. We even have medical assistance available the entire time to assure our guests that they are safe in every circumstance,” said Karim Rajab, marina manager. 

About 300 people enjoy the activities every day. Visitors can also take a trip out to sea to swim and snorkel, on one of the many boats available to charter.  

There are two beach courts where visitors can play volleyball. There are also beachside food trucks on hand and live DJ music to enhance the atmosphere. 

Cabanas and gazebos are scattered across the beach area, offering cooling shade while visitors sip a refreshing drink. Every Tuesday is ladies beach day, complete with water activities.

Shehata said: “The Blue Limits has provided one-of-a-kind marine facilities for the past ten years in the region. We overcome all the challenges with team efforts, try to improve our services, and plan new events daily. I want people to enjoy and experience the sea like never before.”

He said that the company’s main focus was to provide visitors and adrenaline-seekers with watersports activities at affordable prices.

The zone operates daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. under strict procedures and safety protocols, with captains allocated for each activity. In the coming days opening times will be extended to allow guests to enjoy the activities for longer. 

The Blue Limits Company is planning with the General Entertainment Authority to make Jeddah Waves a yearly event.  

One visitor, Bassam Abdullah, said: “It was my first time to try out flyboarding, and it was the wildest experience. I was above the sea through a long cable connected to the speedboat, catapulting me several feet into the air. I always wished to do it but never had a chance. Jeddah Waves offers different water activities that are not easily available in the city. I am planning to visit again.”

Another guest, Hala Mohammed, said: “There is no better feeling in the world than enjoying the water, the sun and the wind, all at the same time. The ladies beach day allowed us to have all the fun and be ourselves. I wish they had it opened for the entire year.”

Other guests said that water sports tested their physical and mental strength, allowing them to have fun while improving their capabilities.