What the papers say – June 2

What the papers say – June 2


he front pages are focused on the celebrations for Britain’s longest reigning monarch on the eve of the Jubilee.

The Daily Express says “a grateful nation” salutes the Queen, while the Daily Mirror says a four-day party begins for “our Queen” and “our Britain”.

The Sun and the Daily Mail run with the monarch’s call for Britons to create “happy memories”.

The i carries 70 photographs of the Queen for her 70 years as the head of state, while The Daily Telegraph quotes the monarch: “We look to the future with confidence and enthusiasm.”

Elsewhere, the Daily Star continues with coverage of getaway disruptions.

The Guardian leads on a warning to the Prime Minister that his changes to the ministerial ethics code “fuel mistrust”.

While The Times reports Mr Johnson’s allies have called Tory rebels “narcissists”.

And the Financial Times reports on a warning that a “hurricane” is “bearing down” on the global economy.

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